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We do not necessarily agree with these authors in every area.

A Wideness in God's Mercy  -  Clark Pinnock

Christianity and War  -  Laurence Vance

Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War  -  Patrick Buchanan

Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity  -  Debi Pearl

Created to Be a Helpmeet  -  Debi Pearl

Desperate Forgiveness  -  Al and Lisa Robertson

Did God Know?  -  H. Roy Elseth

Divine Nescience and Foreknowledge  -  L.D.  McCabe

Doctrine of the Will  -  Asa Mahan


Does God Know the Future?  -  Michael Saia

Human Smoke  -  Nicholson Baker

In Search of a Helpmeet  -  Michael Pearl

Is the Future Set in Stone?  -  Troy J. Edwards

Lectures on Systematic Theology  -  Charles Finney

Most Moved Mover  -  Clark Pinnock

Rethinking Hell - Edited by Christopher Date, Gregory Stump, Joshua Anderson

Suffering and the Search for Meaning  -  Richard Rice

The Atonement  -  Albert Barnes

The Fire That Consumes - Edward Fudge

The Foreknowledge of God  -  L.D. McCabe

The God Who Risks  -  John Sanders

The Grace of God and the Will of Man  -  Clark Pinnock

The Natural Ability of Man  -  Jesse Morrell

The Openness of God  -  Clark Pinnock, Richard Rice, John Sanders, William Hasker, & David Basinger

Understanding the Cross  -  Michael Saia

War, Christianity and the State  -  Laurence Vance

War, Empire and the Military -  Laurence Vance

We Who Dared to Say No to War  -  Edited by Murray Polner and Thomas Woods Jr.

Why Do the Innocent Suffer?  -  Michael Saia

Why Pray?  -  Michael Saia​

The Great and Holy War  -  Philip Jenkins

The Left, The Right, & The State  -  Lew Rockwell

The Bible on Divorce and Remarriage - Michael Pearl

God is Open - Christopher Fisher

The Myth of National Defense - Hans Hermann Hoppe

Jesus Wars - Philip Jenkins

Why I Became a Biblical Binitarian - Mario Shepard

Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism - Scott Horton 

Recommended Reading

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