Rachel Fordham

The Hope of Azure Springs

“Sometimes the steepest roads lead to the grandest views.”

I have a nice little used bookstore in my town.  All the books are donated and the proceeds help fund the literary council so I am happy to shop there and support them.  On my very first trip to this shop I found a book by an author I hadn’t heard of before (never mind that I hadn’t read any fiction in years).  That book was The Hope of Azure Springs.  I was instantly a fan of Rachel Fordham’s writing and grabbed copies of her other books as soon as I could. 
When bachelor sheriff Caleb finds an injured girl, he is set on finding the culprits.  Em has spent seven years in near solitude, after being injured she finds herself in the little town of Azure Springs.  Can the people of this town help Em?   

This was the debut novel of Rachel Fordham and it’s here where she introduces us to the lovely little town of Azure Springs which is full of wonderful characters (don’t we all need a Margaret in our lives?) and a quaint setting. The Hope of Azure Springs is more than just a western romance, it’s a journey of heartache and healing.  I enjoyed this book from the very first page.  Rachel Fordham has a lovely style of writing and there is a gentleness in her books that I love.  If you haven’t read any of her books start with this one! 

Yours Truly, Thomas

This is the second book by Rachel Fordham,and it takes us back to the sweet little town of Azure Springs.
I’ll be honest, I really liked The Hope of Azure Springs, but I loved this book.  It was so touching.  I loved both Penny and Thomas.  They are both a little lost, a little wandering and unsure of their futures. 

I don’t want to spoil this for anyone, so I’ll be as vague as possible.  I truly thought that Rachel Fordham was going to take Penny in a different direction with her knowledge from the Dead Letter Office, but I’m so glad she didn’t because it made for a beautiful and touching story.  I was also glad that Margaret and her bright yellow house were in this story too! Margaret is one of my favorite characters.

I had never heard of the Dead Letter Office, so that was a nice tidbit of history that I learned. Having Penny work at the office and be touched by one of the letters certainly made for one of the most original plots I’ve ever read.  

A Life Once Dreamed

Another great read by Rachel Fordham.  While her first two books take place in Azure Springs, this book takes place in Penance, a town in the Dakota Territory.
After leaving her childhood home in need of a fresh start, Agnes Pratt finds herself in Penance.  Life in the Dakota Territory is far different from how she was raised, and she knows she will never have the life she once dreamed of.  Six years later a man she once knew….and knew well….ends up in Penance.  Will he find out the secret of why she left? 
A Life Once Dreamed is a wonderful second chance love story. 
The characters in this book are truly delightful.  Agnes has such a sweet and giving spirit about her, James has to be one of the most patient and devoted men ever, Tommy and all his questions, Old McHenry, and little Freddie and the big role he plays in softening

hearts.  There is also the character of Sam that we get a small glimpse of, maybe he will show up in another book?Aside from the story of Agnes and James, we get a glimpse of the heart of Rachel Fordham.  She is a foster mom and you can see her tender caring heart shine through in this book

A Lady in Attendance 

After reading all of Rachel Fordham’s other books, I was so excited to get a copy of this one!   First, let me say, the cover is stunning and the story is a masterpiece as well.

After five years in prison Hazel is finally free and since she can’t return home she needs to find a job.  She finds employment with the quiet and reserved dentist, Gilbert.  Their friendship begins to blossom, but will Hazel’s past bring a stop to it all?

This book was truly enjoyable.  A lovely second chance story (not in love, but in life) with romance, forgiveness, redemption, and even some mystery and intrigue.  I love to watch characters grow and change and I love when one character has such a profound impact on another. 

I'm pretty sure this is the first book I’ve read where a dentist was the leading male character!  This isn't a romance with the stereotypical strong male, but I absolutely adored the character of soft-spoken Gilbert.  He was still a strong male, but it was in a different way.  There were so many wonderful scenes in this book (corn husking anyone?) that make it truly unforgettable.  This is a book you won’t want to put down.