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You Cannot Serve Two Masters

I believe that many American "Christians" are hypocrites when it comes to the claim they are "pro-life", when it is evident they are not. They angrily refer to abortion as murder (which I agree with), but they show that Americanism is their religion rather than Christianity when they turn around and support the killing of foreigners at the hands of US military personnel. It is one thing to support the defense of one's land from aggressors, it is another to support an aggressive interventionist Government that bombs and destroys foreign cities while trying to retain respect by considering civilian casualties, even women and children, to be unfortunate but unavoidable collateral damage. A look at the American involvement in war shows that the US military has made more orphans and widows than any other force on earth. Both World Wars were unnecessary, and though some people may try to defend American involvement in WWII as good and just by claiming that the US got involved to help the Jews, this is simply incorrect. The US had the opportunity to rescue many Jews from the suffering that they would endure, but I have read that Roosevelt refused, using the US immigration quota as his reasoning. Furthermore, it is disturbing to hear some professing Christians attempt to defend the fact that the US dropped two atomic bombs on the people of Japan. When they invoke God's name to defend it, it goes from disturbing to appalling. Talking about using the Lord's name in vain. There is nothing "Christian" about these events.

The Vietnam War is another example of unnecessary US aggression. How many Vietnamese civilians died because of American military personnel? How many Americans died for a war that was unjust? Then of course there is the invasion of Iraq. An isolated attack from some evil rogues does not justify the invasion of a foreign country and its citizens by the US military. What the US government and US military have done to Iraqis is much worse than what happened on 9/11. Rather than live by the principles of Christ, many American "Christians" would rather obey the state and kill in the name of Americanism. There is nothing honorable about the actions of the US military in any of these events, and there is plenty of historical evidence to prove this for any who care to know the truth.

As for the idea that the US military fights for our freedom, this is simply not accurate. It may make people feel better about their actions by making this assertion, but the truth is, our freedoms have never been in any danger from any foreign countries. The biggest threat to our freedoms has always been, and continues to be, the US government itself.

There was a day when the disciples James and John, referring to those who could be called their "enemies", asked the Lord Jesus: "Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to another village." Those who are following Christ will be living sacrifices, seeking the conversion of non-Christians, not their destruction. But, someone will say, war is necessary at times and we have to get involved. Says who? Do you really know your US history? Or do you only know what gets taught in government schools (public schools)? Do you think American invasions are "just" because God sent the Hebrews into battle on several occasions? Is it because you believe the myth that America is a "Christian" nation? The US president is not God, the US military is not God's army, the US government is not the Body of Christ, America is not Israel, and Americanism is not Christianity. The Lord Jesus is not an American patriot.

The problem that many of us see in America is that many American "Christians" see the US government, including the US military, as God's agents for "good." Why do American "Christians" look to State coercion as the answer for life's problems, instead of the influence and persuasion of holy Christians and churches? Christ suffered at the hands of unjust people in order to bring salvation to the world. He did not kill those who disagreed with him. He wept for them and sacrificed his life for their well-being. Many Christians have suffered for Christ, as his servants, as they have followed his example of love. They have not put the interests of an earthly kingdom over the interests of God's kingdom. It is absurd to speak of blowing people up for God, or exterminating people for Christ. I think people "trust in chariots" (or jets or tanks) because they do not know Christ, his holiness, and his purpose. Christ and his true followers are the hope of the world, and they live in every nation and speak many different languages.

Any good done in this country has been because of the Body of Christ, not Government legislation or military intervention. Killing, making widows, making orphans, destroying lives, is not less evil because it is state sponsored or done by people in uniform. Americanism and Christianity have been conflated for too long. You cannot serve two masters.

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