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What is War?

What is war? War is a crime. A masterpiece of evil, designed and implemented by the powers of darkness. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Satan is the father of chaos and disorder.

Jesus instructed that we should love our neighbor. Instead we go to war with our neighbor.

Our allegiance does not belong to any human government. It belongs to God. The people in any other country of the world are my neighbors, just as much as someone from the country I live in. Yet many people are deceived into thinking that it is a worthy cause to kill and slaughter others.

The Hebrews wanted Jesus to be a warlord. Someone who would lead them into battle. Someone who would kill their enemies. Instead, he came to save the world and conquer our real enemy, death.

That Jesus is still rejected. People go to other countries to kill, claiming that God is with them. They portray Jesus as an American patriot and foreigners as evil. They do not live a life of peace, as Jesus would have them to. Instead they practice violence. Jesus did not tell his followers to fight for him. He does not instruct us to kill. He wants his followers to love their neighbor and lead them to him.

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