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War, Taxes, and Politicians

Who or what are the enemies of peace? War, taxes, and politicians.

Many believe the lie that the way to peace is through war. While I believe that people have the moral right to protect themselves and their families from violence, aggressive interventionism is not defense. Sending militaries to invade, occupy, and destroy is not defense. Dropping atomic bombs on men, women, and children is not defense. Proxy wars are not defense. “War is a racket”, yet many have been duped into thinking it is necessary and honorable to kill for the State, because it is the “patriotic” thing to do. War begets war. War creates more enemies. War destroys lives, families, societies, continents, and the world. Even many professing Christians cheer more for uniformed killers being sent to places they have no business being than they do missionaries going abroad to preach the gospel. Most preachers are either wrong on this issue, or they are cowards. They don’t want to seem “unpatriotic”, yet they don’t understand how resistance to the dictates of the violent State is one of the most important and courageous causes they can promote. Their Americanism trumps their Christianity. Preachers should be leading the charge on this, but no, many of them, if not most, are cheerleaders for an interventionist and murderous military. They wave the American flag, fly it on their church property, prop it up in front of the church building, and praise those who enter the military to “protect the country”, when the U.S. military uses enlistees as cannon fodder for the interests of government and corporate elites, and certainly not for actual national defense. War is evil, and it is not a necessary evil. It is just evil. Woe unto those who make their living by being hired killers for the State.

Many believe the lie that taxes are necessary and good. After all, who will build the roads? That seems to be their go-to justification. Do you mean to tell me that people cannot come together to provide goods and services for society without the intervention of the State? Of course they can. Taxation is theft, plain and simple. The State is not concerned with the public good, its sights are set on control. We are forced to pay taxes so bureaucrats can be paid, so services that we do not need or agree to can be funded, and ultimately so State officials can push their agendas in domestic and foreign affairs. There is no such thing as State money. The State does not make money (other than printing it nowadays), it steals money. It threatens us with prison if we do not give the State part of our income. The State threatens to take our property if we do not pay them for the privilege of being able to own property. Taxation is more than theft, it is slavery. Pay up or face the negative consequences. Pay up or lose your property. Pay up or lose your freedom. Fund the beast or be eaten by the beast. The State takes from us so it can steal, kill, and destroy.

Politicians are the dregs of society. We would do better without them. Rarely has there been a decent politician, and the only way that one could be decent is if it is his goal to be rid of the State. Politicians always know what is best for the people, so they think, rather than the people knowing what is best for themselves. Politicians lie, cheat, steal, force our children into their service, and they are always looking for ways to enforce their ideals on the rest of us. They of course are always for taxation because that is how they get paid. They don’t make money, they siphon it off of workers. They have no problem with waging wars because they aren’t fighting them, and usually their children don’t either. They willingly sacrifice the common man’s family to protect their own. Of course, they dress it all up in ringing words of affirmation and applause – while the common man suffers. And for what? For whom? Not for Christ, though the Lord’s name has often been used in vain to promote war. Not for loved ones, they are not in danger of being attacked by a foreign entity. Its all for the politicians. Its to protect their agendas. Its to maintain their power. We are serfs, not a free people.

War, taxation, and politicians. Humanity would be in a much better place if we were to get rid of all three.

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