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Trinitarianism Is Monotheism

Updated: Mar 7

The Triune God

God is love. The only way for God to be love is for God to be a community of persons, for love expresses itself in relationships and therefore does not exist as an abstract impersonal entity. God, the triune Creator and Ruler of the universe, is an eternal loving community comprised of three distinct and co-equal persons - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each individual member of the Trinity loves, but collectively the triune God “is love.” “God” is a title for this divine community, as well as a title for the members individually signifying their deity and authority – the Father is God, the Son is God, the Holy Spirit is God – as well as their interconnectedness and oneness in essence. Were one member of the Godhead removed (an impossibility), God (as Trinity and as individual persons) would cease to be God. God is a community of three persons in a relationship of love.

The creation of the universe is an overflow from the divine community in which God’s love is extended to humanity. In creating mankind, God desired for us to participate in that community and to know the love the members of the Godhead share with one another through loving relationships – with God, with our families, and with the Body of Christ.


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