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Transgender Nonsense

The gender swapping ideology is now affecting the company with which I am currently employed. I will leave out names of people, places, and facilities (for now), but I was about to be named the interim Senior Area Manager (SAM) for the region I am in following the retirement of the previous SAM. I also applied for the permanent position. I was promised nothing, I was only told I had a good shot at landing the position, and I had some backing. Truthfully, I was having doubts about taking the position, for while I believe in the principle of the company’s mission, I do not agree with the company’s approach and implementation. Besides, I think it would have turned out to be a major headache. To the point, I was informed yesterday that a female employee at one of the facilities I would be supervising has decided she is going to now be a male. The company has already instructed the employees at the facility to refer to her by her preferred (masculine) pronouns and to call her by her newly chosen name. In a meeting with the exiting SAM this morning, I said I will not go along with calling a female a male or vice versa. I was told I would need to take the matter up with the company’s HR Director, which I had already anticipated. I sent the following email to the HR Director:

From: XXX Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2023 9:26 AM To: (HR Director) <> Subject: Personal Statement

Greetings (HR Director):

In the interest of transparency, I believe it is appropriate for me to inform you of the following.

It has come to my attention that a female employee at the (name of facility) has asked to be identified as a male. Since I have been asked to report to (city where the facility is located) on 3/21/23 to fill in for the vacant Facility Director position, I am stating ahead of time that I will not violate my Christian beliefs by referring to a male or female as the opposite gender of his or her birth, nor will I operate on that false premise. Here is my belief statement:

I reject the trendy gender fluidity ideology and will not violate my beliefs, nor will I add to the confusion this individual is experiencing by lending validation to her claim. I am aware that people can experience confusion for various reasons, but that does not change the fact that God creates us as male or female and that God's design for the family and biological sex are foundational for society (Gen. 1:26-28), and does not change the fact that God disapproves of any attempt to change one's gender through surgery or appearance (Deut. 22:5). While I believe in hope for all, including individuals who claim to be the opposite gender, the realization of that hope is contingent upon submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and obedience to his Word.

For this reason, again, I must say prior to my arrival in (name of city), I will not violate my Christian beliefs by pretending this individual is the opposite sex. The (name of company), of course, has its own operational concerns, but it is important that I make this information known now rather than later.

Thank you.


Facility Director – (name of facility)

(Name of company and division)

(Contact information)

I received an email a short time later in which the HR Director made sure to say the company respected my “religious beliefs”, and that she would contact the Vice President of the division and they would follow up with me for further discussion. The VP is the individual that selected me to be the interim SAM, and he is someone with whom I have had several conversations about various matters. I expected him to call me today, which he did. The HR Director was also on the call, and the VP started out by addressing me as Mr. XXXX, in a slower than normal manner, then he started reading my email out loud. He stopped after several words and the first thing he said is he was calling to try to “save me.” This is common informal language for trying to keep someone out of trouble in their job, or to help them keep their job. Then he started telling me that I should just address the employee (and any future gender fluid employees) by their job title and last name, that I don’t need to call anyone a he or a she. I told him I do not need him to “save me”, and I said that I can refer to someone by their job title and last name, but I am not going to refrain from using the appropriate pronouns for female or male employees. After some back and forth, he started to get agitated, yet I held my ground and said I would not go along with what was being suggested. I said I do not have any hate for this individual, but I will not go along. In fact, I said what they were asking made no moral or operational (due to the nature of the job) sense. I have not had to deal with the issue in the facility that I manage, though they were quick to tell me that it could happen. Perhaps. And they will know where I stand.

The HR Director began telling me how this is a challenge for “all of us” as this person is in the midst of “transitioning” and the number of people that are making these claims is increasing. I was basically being told I need to adapt. I again refused to bend. The VP asked me if I could go to (name of the city) and not cause any controversy. I told him I was not causing any controversy and the best way that I could explain it was through a well-known analogy. I told him it is like the husband and wife that sat by each other driving down the road when they were first married, but the wife gradually moved to sitting by the door. One day while they were riding down the road she looked at her husband and told him they don’t sit by each other anymore, and he looked at her and said that he hadn’t moved. In the same way, I have not strayed from reality, therefore by taking the stand that I am, I am not the one causing controversy. After some more back and forth, with them telling me how they had been looking forward to me being in the SAM position, it was agreed that I will stay where I am at. I will not be traveling to the other facility, I will not be the interim SAM, and I withdrew from consideration for the permanent job, and though the HR Director was sure to tell me...again...that the company respects my beliefs, I will also be looking for another job altogether. I would like to work for a company that does not bow to this nonsense. I refuse to bow.

I am not disappointed in how this played out. I am glad that I had an opportunity to speak the Lord’s truth and to take a stand for him.

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