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The State Is Not Necessary

Many people believe that mankind cannot function peacefully, or cooperatively, without positive law. To them, there must be a State, in some form. There must be a person, or group of people, who make man-made laws so they can control others and make them do what they are “supposed to do.” I find this odd since they say we cannot trust people, so they think the answer is to control people…with people(!)…and they are willing to give them the tools for tyranny at that.

Others believe that mankind can operate according to natural law, given by God, and that customary norms and rules can be enforced apart from State monopolization, and in fact, doing so will result in a more peaceful and productive society.

Imagine a society where the economy is not encumbered with government intrusions and controls. What right does a political body have to tell a business owner what he must pay his employees? It is none of their business, yet there are minimum wage laws that are forced upon employers in the US. It doesn’t stop there. Employers must not hire and fire people based on their own preferences (because the government says so), they are forced to provide certain benefits (no matter the burden), and all this after politicians and Government officials steal from the business owner’s profits to provide themselves with an income. They earn nothing; they steal from workers. We have also seen that the Government thinks it has the right to tell people when they can or cannot work, or that they must stay home because of a virus that the Government has lied about, while also lying about its “cure.” In a free society, people would hire who they want to and fire who they want to, for whatever reasons they want to. They would pay their employees what they want to, and their employees could work for that wage, or they could choose to go elsewhere. If the employer wants to keep them, he will have to pay them adequately, and he may need to provide certain benefits to keep them around. If he could not afford to pay the market rate, but someone wanted to work for him anyway because of certain benefits, that is his choice. The Government has no right being involved. As far as a situation where the “public health” is at risk, people would still work, the vulnerable would take precautions, and society would go on. In a free society there would be no bureaucrats ruining lives and businesses, and police officers would not get away with enforcing their tyranny.

Citizens of the US know nothing but State rule, so they think the State is necessary. But the State has invaded every area of life and takes authority that was not given to it by God, and pathetically, many Statist preachers will tell people they must submit regardless, because, well Romans 13. There are several stateless societies that have been noted in history, with one of them being the old American West. Without State rule, there was law and order, economic cooperation, and customary norms between all kinds of people. Were there risks involved with this kind of freedom? Sure, but it is no riskier than living in a territory controlled by the monopolistic State. At least in a free society you can appeal to a real third party for mediation purposes. The State tells you what you can do and can’t do, and it is its own arbiter when it comes to a disagreement. The State is not concerned with our rights, it is concerned with its control over the giving or taking away of rights.

Think of all the “services” in society today that would be much better off in the hands of people operating under free market principles. Better yet, think of the level of Government control in areas that once did not exist. Take driver’s licenses for example. Why should any of us be forced to have a Government issued license to be able to drive? Does having one make someone drive safer? No, it is just another way for a Police State to keep tabs on you. It makes it more convenient for Statist law enforcement officers to identify you and track you down. Then there is vehicle registration. Why in the world should I have to register my vehicle with the State? Its not the State’s vehicle. They aren’t paying the notes on it. Ah, but once again, it is another way for the State to steal from you and to keep track of you. Of course, you must have a license to do just about anything anymore, because the State is the boss, and you are not. You can’t fish, drive, hunt, cut hair, practice medicine, sell produce (and much more) without a Government permission slip. Its disgusting, really. And I haven’t even gone into property taxes, incomes taxes, and the taxes at the register.

One of the biggest arguments that people make for the necessity of the State is security services, or more specifically, National Security. Even security services can be operated more effectively and efficiently under free market principles. A person I know responded to me a while back, in our disagreement over the necessity of a State (though in fairness to him, he advocates for a limited State only. I reject even a limited State because it still operates on control and it is going to grow, and grow, and grow) that he is not willing to trust our security to a “bunch of rednecks” with bombs. That is fine, and it makes my first point. Security in the free market means we can decide who we want to pay for security services. If they do a good job, great. If they don’t, they don’t get our support and money. Many of us do not support the State’s policies and yet we can’t do anything about it. Anyone who would offer alternative policies would be considered hostile and an enemy of the State. We are stuck with the murderous policies of the State because there is no competition, and no hope for it. The State rules and we must comply. That is not freedom. Second, I would never make the claim that Republicans and Democrats are more responsible or more trustworthy than a “bunch of rednecks” or any other group. The US has been in a constant state of war for most of its existence, with only the Revolutionary War being one of defense. Statists should never be trusted with our security matters, for they make stupid decisions and they have forced people to partake in their stupidity by threatening them with prison if they do not comply.

*I have read "some" of “The Myth of National Security” by Hans Hermann-Hoppe, as he pulls essays together from various sources to show that security is not best provided by the State. One can find a PDF version at if interested.

I do not expect the kingdoms of men to relinquish their death grip on the people of the world, and there is no man on earth that is going to reverse it, though we can reach pockets of people with the message that Statism is idolatry. That is what I plan to do, while preaching submission to the one true King, the Lord Jesus Christ. When he returns, he will vanquish all tyrants and destroy the systems of the world.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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