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The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

It is sad to see what is currently transpiring in Ukraine. President Putin has mobilized the Russian military and has invaded Ukraine, with his ultimate objective being to topple the current Ukrainian government, so we are told. Not that anyone should believe the “reporting” of the American media when it comes to anything. With that said, any State government being dismantled is a good thing; that is not the sad part. People are dying. People are dying because of the actions of the world’s governments. I don’t mean because the U.S. and its NATO allies are not intervening militarily to aid the Ukrainian people, rather it is because of the historic evil foreign policies of the governments involved, especially the U.S. government. I do not condone Putin’s tactics, but the U.S. government could have assisted the people of Ukraine by taking seriously Russia’s concern that NATO has been working toward moving its military arsenal to Russia’s border, which Russia considers to be a threat to its national security. Would the U.S. tolerate China, or Russia, or any other nation setting missiles on its border with Mexico? Of course not. Yet the despicable U.S. government, in its typical arrogance, believes other nations ought to follow rules that do not apply to the U.S. Russia was previously given guarantees that NATO would not expand “one inch eastward”, yet those guarantees have proven to be worthless (see here). It turns out, Russia has reason to be upset about the U.S. and NATO stirring up trouble by dangling Ukraine like a puppet in a power struggle between the governments of the world.

To hear U.S. politicians, the U.S. media, and other brain-dead Americans condemning Putin’s actions is absurdly hypocritical. The U.S. government and its standing military has done the same and much worse in other parts of the world. No nation in the history of mankind has invaded and murdered and destroyed like the United States of America. From Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam, to dropping atomic bombs in Japan, and even turning its military onto its own people (the list goes on and on), U.S. aggression has done more to unsettle the world than any other force.

Gary Barnett had this to say about American hypocrisy: “What should be evident is that the U.S. and its military have been responsible for tens of millions of deaths due to its wars, its violent aggressions, and its sanctions. No other nation on earth has ever been responsible for such carnage, and no other nation has caused such widespread suffering. How many have really been wounded, disfigured, or harmed by war, chemical weapons, sanctions, and total destruction of infrastructures at the hands of the United States? How many have been displaced, and lost their families? How many continue to live with the horrors of war? And considering that more people are being killed every single day by U.S. forces, and that more war seems inevitable, how many more millions will die before Americans wake up to the horror of this aggression?”

In blistering words he also proclaimed: “While American citizens are preoccupied with their smart phones and their Facebook page, and languish over fake racism, gender identity, agenda driven “climate change,” and robotic sex, much of the rest of the world lives in fear. That fear is justified, and is due to U.S. aggression that is ever present and never ending.”

Mr. Barnett suggests the following: “A better way is to end war and seek peace. In order for this to occur, the general population must have an awakening, an awakening based on humility instead of arrogance, love instead of hate, harmony instead of divisiveness, and patience instead of indifference. This will require individual thought and individual action, and a mass separation from the political state. A revolution of sorts is vital if societal catastrophe is to be avoided.” (For full article click here.)

Americans need to wake up and realize the evil that their nation has heaped upon the world. There is no justifiable reason for Christians to support the evil U.S. government and its interventionist military. There is no justification for having military bases all over the earth, as if the U.S. is some kind of virtuous force for good in the world. Even if that were true, the U.S. government has no business trying to run the affairs of other nations. No one has made the U.S. the king of the world. There is only one King – and he is the Prince of Peace, not a warmongering American wrapped in a U.S. flag. The blasphemy that occurs in U.S. churches will surely be judged. Rather than worshipping the Prince of Peace, churches now worship the State and its military - just as professing Christians in Germany (I mention Germany specifically because American's will single it out as being evil while they ignore the evils of the U.S.) did during the time of the World Wars. American contradictions and hypocrisies are legion, regardless of the self-anointed title of being “the” virtuous nation.

I condemn what Putin has initiated because people are dying that are not connected with the power-hungry governments of the nations that are involved. The culpability for this savagery does not stop just at Putin’s feet. This isn’t just a Putin problem. It’s true of all Nation-States, some more and some less. Yet people are willing to justify it when it’s their own nation doing it. Defense is one thing. Wars of aggression, of which the US is king, are something else. Shame on you if you don’t realize that. There isn’t a single thing Russia is doing that the American government hasn’t also done, and the American people have supported it and even cheered it on.

This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black if there ever was one.

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