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The Connection Between Vaccines And the Murder of the Unborn

What is the connection between vaccines and the murder of the unborn? The following is a summary of this connection and it comes from

The History and Origin of Vaccines

“For more than 80 years, aborted human embryos and fetuses have been used to research and develop vaccines. As far back as the 1930s, Olitsky and others used brain tissue from human embryos to grow poliovirus. Since that time, vaccines against measles, rubella, chickenpox, shingles, rabies, Hepatitis A, and polio have been created using fetal tissue. In addition to vaccines, fetal cell lines are used in research or treatments for Parkinson Disease, HIV, Hepatitis B and C, retinal disease, and fetal development. In 2014, the National Institutes of Health funded 164 projects using fetal tissue totaling $76 million and more than $152 million in embryonic stem cell research for the same period.

Several prominent cell lines exist that are the products of abortion. HEK-293 is a cell line that originated from the kidney cells of an aborted embryo from 1972 and that is cited in more than 28,000 articles. This cell line is commonly used in gene therapy where adenovirus is used to deliver experimental genes. Other cell lines include: PER.C6 which was isolated from the retinal cells of an 18-week-old fetus in 1985, WI-38 from lung tissue of an aborted 12-week-old fetus, and MRC-5 from lung tissue of an abortion of a 14-week-old fetus. The WI-38 cell line goes back to a single abortion in 1961. To be clear, these cell lines do not require multiplied continual abortions today, but rather are the product of single abortions that happened decades ago.”

The full article can be read here.

In another article, found here at, Dr. Gifford Grobien (theological doctor) states the following:

“Two cell lines, named WI-38 and MRC-5, derived from the tissue of aborted fetuses, serve the manufacturing of some vaccines used in the United States. The existence of WI-38 and MRC-5 is not new and has been defended extensively by three main arguments. First, the fetuses were not aborted for the purpose of making the vaccines. Second, these existing cell lines do not require ongoing abortions. Third, the overall benefit to public health is a worthy reason to continue manufacturing these vaccines. Let us consider these arguments in turn. (I am only including the first argument stated by Dr. Grobien)

The Purpose of the Abortion

While mothers may not have had vaccines in mind when choosing abortion, abortionists and researchers had established relationships for this purpose. Researcher Leonard Hayflick sought out aborted human fetal tissue because he reasoned it would be less likely than other tissues to be contaminated by viruses. He also showed that fetal cell lines have the advantages of numerous subcultivations and susceptibility to viruses, making them ideal for mass producing vaccines.

Nineteen fetuses were used to develop cell lines WI-1 through WI-25, and after they were lost when Hayflick’s lab freezer failed, he acquired more aborted-baby tissue from a colleague in Sweden. Using this tissue, Hayflick developed more cell lines, with line WI-38 continuing to be used today for vaccine production. Strain MRC-5 was developed from an aborted baby for the purpose of vaccine development.

While parents are not seeking abortions to populate cell lines for vaccine manufacturing, researchers and abortionists recognize the benefit of fetal tissue for vaccine development, and have established relationships to facilitate the supply of this tissue to researchers. Research might be an indirect purpose of abortion, but it is still the intent of some parties involved. Most lay people today reason, “Of course I’m not participating in the abortions. I wasn’t there. I didn’t encourage the mothers to abort. I wasn’t looking for tissue to develop a vaccine.” If one is not complicit in the abortion, what’s the harm in trying to bring some good out of it?

To make a cell line, the parts of the aborted body are minced, treated with an enzyme solution, and centrifuged into individual living cells to be cultured in a nourishing serum. These cells are subcultured and multiplied. Current cell lines WI-38 and MRC-5 are living cells, derived from the fetus, carrying the same DNA as the body from which they came. Unlike the abortion itself, which could be distanced from our experience as a singular event in history, the ongoing use of the aborted body continues today, serving the demand for some vaccines (emphasis mine).”

Though I have read the words what some professing Christians have had to say as they promote vaccines, and the COVID vaccine in particular, how can they do so, considering this information? Because the government says it is best? Because it is in the best interest of public health? In a bit of an aside here, if it is in the best interest of public health, then why do some experts claim that those who are vaccinated are shedding the virus and infecting the unvaccinated? Read this. Why is a vaccine being pushed so hard for a virus that has such a high rate of survival for those that contract it? Why are so many people experiencing adverse effects of this vaccine? For the latest statistics go here. Do people not see how often the government “experts” contradict themselves? Do they not see the connection between the financial elite, the government, and the pharmaceutical companies? Do people really think this is about the “public good?” Why do the “experts” ridicule the use of products that are proven to be effective against the virus? Read this. Then read this.

What does it mean that the cell lines of these murdered babies are used in vaccines?

While it is argued that vaccines do not contain aborted fetal tissue, or that new tissue is not “harvested” to make vaccines, it is acknowledged that cell lines are used at various stages (vaccine manufacturers vary in which stage of the process they use the cells) in vaccine research and development, as well as production and manufacturing. You can read about that here. The best description that I have seen of what it means that the cell lines used in the vaccine manufacturing process descend from the cells of aborted babies are the words of Dr. Grobien in bold type above. Read them again carefully. This is a moral issue, not a medical issue, in my opinion.

Some try to make the argument that if a man is murdered, though it be tragic, if he donated his organs for the benefit of someone else, this is the same as using the cell lines of murdered babies. All I can say in response to that way of thinking is this: being a voluntary organ donor is very different from being a baby that is destroyed in the womb.

Is it sinful to receive a vaccine that uses the cell lines of murdered babies? Is this a matter of conscience only? Personally, based on the principle that the fruit of the womb is the Lord's reward, and the fact that the murder of babies in the womb is an evil of epic proportions, I cannot agree with any professing Christian that seeks to benefit health wise from these vaccines that are connected to these murders.

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