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The Businessman and the Holy Family

The Businessman and the Holy Family - Lew Rockwell - LewRockwell.com

Please read the article: "The Businessman and the Holy Family" at Lewrockwell.com. As a Christian that has studied theology for almost 20 years, I found the insight into the economics of the Christmas story to be fascinating. It was a great reminder to us that economics is more than crunching numbers; it is an area of study that teaches us about the tyranny of the kingdoms of men, and the difference that a free individual can make who is committed to showing goodwill toward others. Government control of the economy is a weapon of tyrants - if they can control how much we earn, what we do with it, whether or not we can work, etc., then they can crowd out the Lord's purposes of benevolence through his followers. Money is not the root of all evil - the love of money is the root of all evil. The Bible doesn't say the love of money is the root of all sins we have committed - but evil, with evil being an all-encompassing word describing the calamities and destructive forces in society. Why, for example, do the evils of war and forced medical experimentation exist in a society? (and I could mention pornography, prostitution, drug overdoses, and others) - the love of money. People are exploited, by the government and its corporate allies, for money. Who do we look to for help? The government cannot be trusted to combat these issues - they are the cause of these issues. Once again, the answer lies in individuals and groups (churches and nonprofits) having the liberty and economic means of making a difference through goodwill. Defending the free market is not just an academic exercise - people of goodwill in the free market are forces for good in a world of evil.