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The American Empire Is A Threat To Humanity

In this recent speech, President Putin states what many in the world believe, including many of us that live in the U.S. While I reject the rule of man in any part of the world, including under Putin, I do agree with much of what Putin says, and one cannot intelligently deny his claims. People in the US need to wake up and understand the wickedness of their ruling elites, and how ignorant they are for allowing themselves to be puppets for the US Government. The average American has been brainwashed by public school education, the media, and even the entertainment industry. For too long they have been taught that "America is good" and everyone else is bad. A reckoning day is coming and it seems the ignorance of many Americans is hastening its arrival. The greatest threat to our well-being, by far, is the US Government, not people from thousands of miles away.

Read the speech and commentary by an analyst here.

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