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Recruiting For The Empire

The people of the US live in a nation that glorifies war. The talking heads know better than to couch it in these terms, but it is true, nonetheless. War is glorified in movies, by politicians, by the media, and by people in the military (until they get a taste of it, then the smart ones denounce it). For those who say war is not glorified by these groups, they only face the hard reality that war exists, this is nonsense. Just as music can be used to appeal to our sensibilities, movies are meant to do the same. Hollywood has been propagandizing people for many years, and in fact, it is the most impactful influence in some people’s lives. These people do not practice critical thinking, their worldview is formed by the output of the movie and music industries, and ultimately by Government narratives.

Politicians of course seem especially susceptible to catching war fever. It isn’t difficult to understand why. For some people, it is more difficult to practice humility and cooperate with others than it is just to crush them with force, in both foreign and domestic affairs. They want to protect their positions of power and their own interests, so they are more than willing to sacrifice thousands and thousands of other people’s lives to maintain their control. Consider how much stolen money (taxes) and weaponry that the US government has sent to Ukraine since the beginning of its conflict with Russia. I agree with those who claim the US Government doesn’t care about the lives of the Ukrainians, this is all about trying to weaken Russia, who the US sees as a competitor in world affairs.

What’s worse is when parents encourage their children to enslave themselves to the murderous Government. This is especially true of professing Christians. Military service has been glorified in history by many, yet everyone always thinks God is on their side. In Phillip Jenkins’ book entitledThe Great and Holy War, he chronicles how each and every participant country considered themselves to be doing the Lord’s work while fighting in World War I. Do we not see the absurdity of this? Yet it has continued, all the way up to Bush starting a destructive war in Iraq while claiming to be doing God’s work. Currently, the name of the Lord is not being used to justify killing so much as it is people are doing it in the name of their false god "democracy." It doesn’t matter what atrocities are committed, or how many, as long as the pursuit of democracy is the goal. There is never a good reason for war. There are no good reasons for war. Defending one’s home and family against a violent invasion is justifiable, but engaging in war for the State is never justifiable. Yet again, many parents that are professing Christians will not only cheer for their sons as they kill for America, they will encourage them to do so. There is absolutely no honor in wearing a uniform and being a hired killer for the Empire.

Bob Dylan wrote a song he called “John Brown” and it tells how a mother was so very proud of her son for joining the army and partaking in a “good old-fashioned war.” John’s mother dreamed about the medals he would acquire and bragged about him to all the neighbors. She would read to others the letters he would write, but the letters began to taper off until she stopped receiving them. After the war, John arrived back home but when his mother saw him, she couldn’t believe her eyes. John’s face was mutilated, both hands were gone, and he had a metal brace around his waist to hold him up so he could walk. She asked John how this could happen. John told her of the horrors of war, and how terrible it was when he came face to face with one of his “enemies” and realized that he was just a man like him. He told her how he realized he had been a "puppet in a play." John reminded her of how she had thought that going to war was such a good thing for him to do, and as he turned to walk away, he dropped the medals he had earned into her hands, then he walked away to live out the rest of his miserable days.

What a powerful depiction of the deceit of war and military service. All in the name of honor, an income, free college, and other benefits, young men (and shamefully even young women) are putting on the shackles of the Empire, doing its bidding, and damning their souls. Using the word “war” does not justify killing, though many have concocted theological explanations that say otherwise. It does not absolve one from murder just because they killed while obeying orders from a president or military authority. The idea that it is self defense to kill a man, when you invaded his home, would be laughable if it wasn’t evil. Yet the evil US Empire indoctrinates people to worship past and present military “heroes” and the Lord’s name is often used in vain to make it more palatable. One cannot serve Christ and the evil US Empire; it must be one or the other. Elijah confronted a crowd of people one day and demanded they make up their minds:

“And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word.”

When are people going to wake up and realize that the “God and Country” mantra is a lie? Hitler used it, Bush used it, and so have many others. Statolatry is just another form of Baal worship.

Christ would not entertain the national aspirations of the disciples even for Israel. He corrected this mindset. Why do people think the Lord is with them as they kill and destroy for their country?

Young people are pressured from every angle to submit to the Empire and its evil, even to kill for it. What a shame when their parents join the recruiting efforts.

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