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"Fundamental Christianity in our times is deeply influenced by that ancient enemy of righteousness, Antinomianism. The creed of the Antinomian is easily stated: We are saved by faith alone; works have no place in salvation; conduct is works, and is therefore of no importance. What we do cannot matter as long as we believe rightly. The divorce between creed and conduct is absolute and final. The question of sin is settled by the Cross; conduct is outside the circle of faith and cannot come between the believer and God. Such in brief, is the teaching of the Antinomian. And so fully has it permeated the Fundamental element in modern Christianity that it is accepted by the religious masses as the very truth of God. Antinomianism is the doctrine of grace carried by uncorrected logic to the point of absurdity. It takes the teaching of justification by faith and twists it into deformity."

~ A.W. Tozer in Paths to Power

The Bible warns us that many will "turn the grace of God into lasciviousness" and we see this is true in our day when we consider the "preaching" of many "preachers." Rather than telling people they must turn from sin to follow Christ, they are told this is heresy, that it is salvation by works, and that the only way you can be saved is by mentally depending on Christ's death on the cross for your salvation. If you think you have "to do" anything, or that you must obey Christ, you are rejecting him. So if mentally depend on Christ, even if you live carnally, you are a Christian, but if you seek holiness by following Christ you are a heretic. Woe to him that calls good evil and evil good.

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