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Questions For Readers

Does anyone care to share what they think the answers are to some or all of the following questions in an email to Don’t worry; if you ask us not to share your answers we won’t.

1. Does God always get what he wants?

2. Has God ever changed his mind?

3. Do our thoughts instantly become a part of God’s knowledge?

4. Has there ever been a time when God did not have all (then) present knowledge?

5. Can God know something, with certainty, that does not exist?

6. Does God the Father have a visible form?

7. Would God command all men to do something that is impossible for them to do?

8. Did Christ take all the wrath of God against sinners upon himself?

9. Has God always been everywhere all the time?

10. John owes Mark $50 but cannot pay. Since Mark demands the payment, Matthew pays the $50 for John and John is told his payment has been made. Was John’s debt forgiven?

11. Can God know something today that he did not know yesterday?

12. Can God change the past?

13. Can something happen that God did not expect?

14. Is knowing all things a necessary attribute of deity?

15. Has God ever regretted one of his decisions?

16. God pronounces a prophecy of judgment with the intention of destroying a group of unrepentant people. What is more important to God? 1) The fulfillment of his prophecy for the sake of his previous pronouncement? 2) Repentance from the people resulting in his intentions not coming to fruition?

17. Does God live in sequence?

18. Has God always done what he said he was going to do?

19. Can people change God’s mind?

20. Did any of the people mentioned in the Bible believe that a prophecy did not have to come to pass?

21. Can anything happen by chance?

22. Can prayer change what would otherwise be the future?

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