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If everything comes from somewhere, would that also apply to God?

If you look around yourself, everything you see are the effects of a cause. The universe operates by laws of necessity (the cause) which result in what you see around yourself (the effects). That's how nature works, everything is the result of something else. The sun rises and sets everyday, seasons change, and the planets and stars follow their patterns. Day after day the universe functions by the laws of nature that do not change. The fact that some people believe that the perfect order of the universe came about by random chance is beyond me. The complexity of the universe and laws of nature working in harmony are far too complex to explain. If I were to tell you that my vehicle was the result of an explosion in a scrap yard that by chance pieced together a complicated machine you would laugh. Yet supposedly to some people that is exactly how we got here​, along with a universe that is infinitely more complicated than a man​-made machine. Nothing existed and something exploded? The universe had to come from an intelligent designer. Where did God come from? His word says that he is from everlasting to everlasting. God does not have a beginning, he always was and always will be. The truth is, you don't have to completely wrap your mind around the fact that God doesn't have a beginning, but you do need to realize the absolute absurdity that everything came from nothing.

Why doesn't our existence make sense without God?

Aside from the reasons stated above there is another problem with the view that humanity came about by random chance. What was the cause of the big bang? Without God there first, there was at one point nothing. What can nothing cause or create? Nothing. Nothing is a concept, the way we explain the absence of things. How then can the big bang, a spontaneous reaction, happen? How can you have a spontaneous reaction (reaction to what??) when you have nothing? To have a reaction you logically must have matter of some sort, and that means you have to have space. Otherwise where would the matter go? Then to have this spontaneous reaction that created the universe, space and matter had to already exist. But did they get there? Certainly not by a spontaneous explosion. The big bang theory is a circular argument and void of logic.

In conclusion​, someone had to exist for the universe to be. Someone who doesn't have a beginning. There is only one sensible explanation for our existence, and that is God.

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