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No Trespassing

If you can’t tell the Government to stay off your property, you do not live in a free society.

Property owners should have the right to keep all trespassers off their property, and this includes Government agents. You know you live in a tyrannical State when Government employees can come to your door asking personal questions, asking you to show them your guns, or they can set up surveillance on your property. The saying that we shouldn’t be worried about it if we have nothing to hide is ridiculous. When the Government thinks it has the right to give or take away your natural rights, or to know your personal business, no one is safe. To think we even have personal property in the US is absurd, since we have to pay perpetual taxes to live on the property and since Government agents can show up as they please. Stop calling the US a free country. Stop justifying its atrocities by saying they are the price of freedom. How laughably contradictory. There is no such thing as freedom under State rule. The greatest menace to freedom in the US is the US Government and those who carry out its tyranny by “just doing their job.” Even a limited State Government is too much State Government.

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