• Greg

Loving Reproof

"Are you prepared to meet your children in the judgment, if you have not reproved nor chastised them, nor watched over their morals?" ~ Charles Finney

It is remarkable to me that people can call themselves Christians, and claim to believe in eternal life and eternal death, when they will not rebuke even their own children for their iniquities for fear they will feel badly toward them because of it. Let me say without hesitation, that if one of my children were to fall into sin (at 25 or 50), I would lovingly rebuke him/her, day after day, and be broken over his/her sin until I was confident he/she had repented. If he/she were to get upset at me and not talk to me, then so be it. I care more for their eternal salvation than I do for the transient cares of this life. To do anything less would be the height of selfishness, and the height of hypocrisy since I profess to be a Christian.