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Love And Liberty

Over the last couple of years, as I have read and heard about Covid, the jab, social distancing, masking, mandates, and lock downs, etc., I have acquired a strong disdain for State institutions, politicians, and people that are shills for the Government. Not that all of my reasons for disliking them are Covid related, but the Covid hysteria has contributed greatly. When the nonsense began I didn’t realize what all was happening because I don’t watch or listen to the news. My family and I had just moved to Alaska in November of 2019, and then I started hearing about Covid this and Covid that. I didn’t pay much attention to it. What little I was hearing was from people at work, but then it started growing. Masks and so called social distancing became requirements in the workplace and I found it to be an annoyance, but still did not pay much attention to it all.

My wife and I had years before written off vaccines due to moral and health concerns. Talk of a Covid vaccine went in one ear and out of the other. We have never taken flu shots and we weren’t about to take the Covid jabs either. None of my children have had the jab, nor will they. Fortunately, though my employer made a big deal about masking and “social distancing”, they did not push the shots, at least in Alaska. I wouldn’t have gotten it anyway, but I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with the issue. Sadly, many people in other companies and areas were required to get the jab as a condition of employment. People lost their jobs, churches shut down, businesses were forced to close, and families were kept apart during important life moments because of the ignorance of politicians and others in a position of influence. The lock downs were never justifiable. Besides, people have the natural right to take whatever risks they choose. Even so, in the name of safety, living was cast aside for lies. The narrative was absurd and it was evident from the start. Those who refused the jab were criticized because of the danger they posed to...wait for it...the vaccinated.

Some say the virus is a bioweapon, while some have suggested the virus is the result of irresponsibility. Still others claim it is a hoax, or that it is simply a strain of the flu. I cannot speak knowingly of its origins, but I know it has been a gift to those who like control. There are people in this world who crave power and are committed to population control, and they think nothing about the harm that is caused by their actions. Yet a sizable number of individuals have resisted the tyrants. Some of the tyrants, not all, but some, are walking back their previous claims about the necessity of masks, jabs, and lock downs, while finding someone to blame for their previous assertions. These people have no right to tell us what we can do and where we can do it, yet they caused a great deal of harm by doing just that. I mentioned already how families were kept apart during important life moments and that is one of the most infuriating matters of all. I have heard about people not being able to see their dying loved ones because of ridiculous policies, and this is shameful.

My wife is the most important person in my life. During the days of Covidiocy, a mass was found in her bladder as she was carrying our twin daughters in the womb. I was with her when the mass was found, so I am glad those people were sensible. Yet when it came time for her to go to a doctor’s appointment in the local hospital to find out more about the mass, I was not allowed to go with her. Yes, I could’ve tried to force the matter, but I don’t see the point in trying to be forceful in a non life threatening situation and it leading to my wife not getting care she needed. My wife attended her appointment and the doctor told my wife she did not think my wife had anything to worry about, but a test needed to be conducted and it was. I was sitting in the vehicle in the parking lot and I saw my wife walking toward me. She climbed into the van. I, terrified, asked her what she had been told. She began crying and told me that it was cancer. I was going through a particularly hard time in my life already, and this was crushing. I reached my arm out to her and placed it on her shoulder and though I don’t exactly remember, I’m sure I was crying too.

The next couple of months were difficult, but after much prayer, my wife had a successful surgery, the twins were safe, and now two and a half years later she has had multiple checkups and has been given a clean bill of health each time. We thank God for this.

This incident had a positive outcome, but I regret not being with my wife during a time when she needed me. She had to initially face the news alone that she had cancer. And for what? Some of the worst tyrants during all this nonsense has been public health officials. I can remember them calling me at home one day after some employees where I worked had tested positive for Covid, and they asked me questions that had nothing to do with Covid. They asked me questions like how many people were in my household and how much money I made. I refused to answer. I believe many of these people relished the control they had been given by the State, and they acquired an inflated sense of importance in the process. And don’t you dare question them, or disagree with their conclusions. You will be considered a spreader of misinformation and who knows what all may happen to you. Even medical professionals that did not toe the line with the false Covid narratives were ridiculed and at times stripped of their credentials. Now, as I said, some of these people are walking back their previous claims and are having to admit they were wrong. Others will not. They don’t care what they have done. They don’t care who they have harmed. I know that some medical professionals handled these matters differently, knowing the importance of family and love, but shame on those who have been a part of this.

I hate that I was not with my wife when she was given the news, but I can’t change it. Life is full of difficulties and suffering, this I have learned. I have also learned that love is essential, and my wife and I need each other. Its also true that living in such a way that no risks are taken is not a way to live. Life in this world is risky. Will we sit on our hands in the name of safety? I’m not encouraging taking unnecessary risks, but I’m not encouraging living in a self made prison either. I also intend to let no one else put me in a prison, tyranny be damned.

Love and liberty are precious. May the Lord help me as I resist the forces of darkness in this world of woe.

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