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Hypocrites Will Be Judged

Many American Conservatives are hypocrites, and that includes many professing Christians. I believe that the Bible teaches abortion is murder and homosexual activity is fornication, even if it is given the government label of being a legitimate “marriage.” So do many political conservatives and professing Christians. In fact, I believe that all true Christians align themselves with the scriptures on these two issues. But aligning oneself with the scriptures on these two issues does not make a person a Christian, and again, many who do are nonetheless hypocritical. Many professing Christians have “taken up arms”, figuratively speaking, over the concept of “homosexual marriage.” I believe it is right to oppose homosexual activity as sin, and no matter what the government says, these are not marriages. Many churches have failed homosexuals by comforting them in their sins, rather than calling them to repentance. Some churches and professing Christians rally against homosexuality, and they have taken aim at the government for its legalization of “same-sex marriage”, which they see as a belittling of marriage. Church people and political conservatives make the claim that same-sex marriage threatens traditional marriage, that it undermines legitimate marriage because it no longer has its procreative purpose, that it portrays the idea that children do not need a father and a mother, that it destroys God’s design for the family, and that it has harmful consequences on the community.

It is true, that same-sex "marriage” is sinful, against God’s design, and has a destructive impact on society. But these are not the only people that have undermined and put a black mark on marriage. Many proponents of traditional marriage have caused just as much harm, though in their hypocrisy, they refuse to address sin in their own lives, in their churches, or in their own families.

Professing Christians and political conservatives belittle marriage when they live together before marriage, when they engage in sexual activity before marriage (another form of fornication), when they commit adultery (physically or by coveting another man’s wife in one’s heart), when they have children out of wedlock, and when they vow to be with each other for life and then get divorced and remarried to someone else. How many professing Christians and political conservatives will vehemently oppose homosexual behavior, and look to the government to legislate against it, but they fail to address these other matters in their own lives or in the lives of other people they know? Marriage did not begin with the government, and the government should not be the institution that decides what marriage is or is not. Why do they not argue for legislation against these other sins? I am not a proponent of legislating morality, but the inconsistency is glaring. These heterosexual sins have the same destructive results for individuals, families, and communities as homosexual behavior. These sins threaten traditional marriage, undermine legitimate marriage because people enjoy benefits that are strictly meant for the marriage relationship, portray the idea that children do not need a father and a mother in the home, destroy God’s design for the family – while many look at children as a nuisance rather than a blessing, and results in harm to the community. Many American "Christians" are in danger, for they have failed to take into account the following passage in God’s Word: “Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

Professing Christians and political conservatives may claim that God is going to destroy America for legalizing homosexual behavior, but it has already been the pornography and fornication capital of the world, so they should get off their moral "high-horses" and fall on their faces in repentance. America has long been ripe for God's judgment and it is only his longsuffering that has kept it at bay.

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