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Homeschooling Necessary For A Christ Ruled Home

I maintain that homeschooling is a necessity for having a Christ ruled home. While I am aware there can be some challenges present in some households because of previous poor choices and worldly mindsets, this does not mean that these challenges should not be overcome for the good of the family. There are no good reasons to send one’s children to Government schools.

Parents, and no one else, are responsible for teaching their children.

“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.” (Deuteronomy 6:4-7)

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

We have a short time with our sons and daughters, and we have the responsibility of educating them by training, instructing, nurturing, and disciplining them. God expects children to be taught by their parents, not by baby-sitters, childcare workers, or people who work for the State and call themselves teachers. Many teachers are ignorant, and they certainly are not experts. They follow textbooks, just like anyone else can do. The only people who think teachers are especially qualified to teach others are teachers. Why would Christian parents trust the education of their sons and daughters to a stranger that stands before them without much knowledge in what really matters in life, and is only there for a paycheck?

Parents are to teach their sons and daughters the Word of God, all throughout the day. Every moment should be a teaching moment. At home they will learn about subjects that matter, and about real work. Their time will not be wasted having to wait on slower learning individuals, or by being left behind by faster learning individuals. Their time will be productive, and they will learn to apply themselves as they study and work alongside their mother, and also from their father when he is not at his place of employment. Unfortunately, many sons and daughters spend more time with their classmates and others associated with Government schools than they do their own parents, thus they learn more from them than they do their parents.

The Government school system teaches antichrist ideologies.

Government school attendees are taught the lie of evolution, they are saturated with secular humanistic ideologies, relative morality, and worldly success measures. Government schooling is not Christ-centered, it is world centered and promotes self-centeredness. Schooling by the State (and private schooling) has never been ideal, but nowadays many of the schools don’t even teach there is a difference between males and females, and God’s truths are undermined with regularity.

The Government school system teaches obedience to the State.

Those in Government schools are taught loyalty and obedience to the Empire, certainly not to the Kingdom of God. They are taught to stand and place their hand over their hearts, while making an idolatrous pledge to a flag and an earthly kingdom, while using the Lord’s name in vain by saying their nation is “under God”, when this is a lie. School attendees are trained to be workers that do not question Government orders, not free thinkers that serve God and humanity. Government schools are indoctrination centers, pure and simple. Serve the State. Obey the State. Show your patriotism. Kill for the Empire. My country right or wrong.

The Government school system creates an atmosphere of immorality.

Promiscuity, abuse of alcoholic beverages, drugs, and disrespect for parents is rampant in the environment created by Government schools. The influence their ungodly peers have on them is extremely harmful. Young people are very impressionable, and they often defile their conscience in order to fit in with their peers. They adopt the values of their peers and are exposed to many forms of wickedness.

Government schools are filled with sports idolatry.

Exercise is good for young people, and sports are not inherently problematic, but organized sports are filled with moral dangers. An easy way to tell that sports is an idol in the lives of young people, and the lives of their parents, is that they get more excited about winning a game or receiving attention for doing well in a game than they do the things of God. Their spirits are high when it comes to sports, but not when it comes to Christianity. They spend more time watching sports, and practicing sports, than they do studying the Word of God, seeking opportunities for service, and witnessing to others. Holiness is not their pursuit; recognition in sports is what matters most. They know the names of more professional sports players than they do missionaries and other Christian servants. Though the Bible tells us to redeem the time, for the days are evil, sports consume the time of young people and their parents; Christ may get their leftover time and efforts. That does not describe a Christian, only a make-believe Christian. Many sons and daughters have been taught to love sports rather than the Lord and after a life of sports idolatry they have lost their soul.

Government schools force you to vaccinate your children.

There are many sources one can go to in order to find out about the dangers of vaccines, though many will deny or minimize these dangers. People that have been vaccinated or have vaccinated their children do not want to find out they have made a poor decision, so they look for any information they can that says vaccines are safe and they promote these claims, more out of hope than certainty. I say this as one that received the scheduled vaccines as a child and whose oldest few children received vaccines. The youngest of my children have none, and will receive none, as my wife and I have educated ourselves on these matters. It is undeniable that the cells of murdered babies have been used in the creation of some of the scheduled vaccines and we will not partake in this. Big Pharma has a hand in these vaccines and Government’s are owned by big money lobbyists and corporations. I refuse to inject my children with these chemicals. I only wish we would have known sooner what we know now.

Response to excuses:

But I am not qualified to teach.

Says who? Again, teachers are not experts. They follow textbooks (that are often in error) and many of them wouldn’t know truth from error if their lives depended on it. All parents are qualified to teach their children. Parents must study the Word for themselves, but also so they can teach their children from the scriptures. A young person that learns how to read, write, do basic math, learns real history instead of Government lies, learns how to become a problem solver, learns a trade, and learns how to be an independent thinker will be way ahead of most of the teachers anyway. All parents can teach their children, and they can gather resources to help them do so. I would recommend the Tom Woods’ homeschool curriculum for studying history and understanding politics. It’s not free, but it isn’t as expensive as sending one’s child to public school, and it is a much better education than what anyone will learn in public school. The Abeka program is good for reading and math. Homeschooling is not as difficult as it may seem.

But my child will get a better education from public schooling.

Says who? Public school teachers? Right. There are many references that show homeschooled children easily outperform Government schooled children academically. When parents take the time to educate their children appropriately, rather than dumping them off at public school so they can chase personal agendas and make more money, the children benefit tremendously because they can go at their own pace and follow their own interests. I’m not sure why parents can be so blind and be such sheeple that they are ok with the State informing them what subjects their children must study. The State does not own my children and it is not responsible for their education, my wife and I are responsible. The State doesn’t care about our children more than we do; the State doesn’t care about our children at all. The only interest the State has in anyone’s children is regimenting them to be taxpayers and cannon fodder.

Though I have had this statement copied for a while, I do not remember the source, but one can find comments like the following in many places. This was posted on a forum:

“When I used to hire for projects, I always hired home-schooled kids. They were excellent workers. They could read, write, add, and speak well. There was a huge difference in their knowledge, morals and values and work ethic.”

But my child will suffer from a lack of socialization; besides, my children can witness to the others in the Government school setting.

This is a tremendous lie, and it shows how ignorant many people are when it comes to “socialization.” One mother gave this response to someone that asked if she was worried about the socialization of her children since they were not in Government school:

“Go to your local middle school, junior high, or high school, walk down the hallways, and tell me which behavior you see that you think our son should emulate.”

Here are some stronger words from Michael Pearl:

"If you fear your children are too isolated from the world and need what the socialists call "socialization," then get yourself a TV and sit them down in front of Hollywood for about two hours every day. They will soon be duplicates of the public school, frequenters of the local hangout, and accepting of back-alley morality....If you want a child who will easily integrate into the New World Order, waiting his turn in line for condoms, a government-funded abortion, sexually transmitted disease treatment, psychological evaluation, and a mark on the forehead, then follow the proper guidelines in today's education, entertainment, and discipline. But if you want a son or daughter of God, you will have to do it God's way and in God's choice of location--the home."

Young people learn best in a biblically controlled environment, from parents who love them, and different aged siblings, not from children their own age who know as little as they do, and who may bring their own family’s ungodly influence into the experience of our sons and daughters. As I have written before, many imaginations have been corrupted through exposure to the sins of other youth, as well as the satanic indoctrination of the State. Of course, many will not square with these facts simply because they do not want to. They do not want to admit that they subjected their sons and daughters to these things and more, or that they are worse off for having attended themselves. Have all public-school attendees indulged in sinful practices and dishonored Christ? Surely there are rare exceptions, and it is also true that some who have sinned terribly have come to repentance, but the havoc that gets unleashed on the imaginations of young people in these licentious environments is incomprehensible. Some may turn to the Lord from their sinning, but the mental scars cannot be erased. "Socialization", sports, and extra-curricular activities (which can be done apart from Government schooling) are terrible reasons for wanting to send children to these lairs of darkness.

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