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Feminism Is Rebellion Against God's Word

"Modern society does everything possible to get the mother out of the home and to encourage parents to turn the children over to babysitters and schools. This is not the Bible way, and the fruit has been terrible. It is the product of the philosophy of feminism which began to spread at the end of the 19th century. Feminism is rebellion to God’s Word. Feminism teaches that women should do whatever they please rather than submit to fathers and husbands. It teaches that women can do anything a man can do. It teaches that being keepers at home is bondage, and women need to be liberated from such things. Women working outside the home began with the Industrial Revolution in England, and it grew during World War I (1920s) and World War II (1940s). It has been a major contributor to the weakening of the home and the explosion of divorce. It has left the children without direct parental supervision."

David Cloud -

It seems that most professing Christian men, including pastors, are more afraid of being politically incorrect than scripturally incorrect. One may speak of how this issue contributes to the weakening of society, and he would be correct. However, what is worse? Society at large ignoring the ways of God, or professing Christians rebelling against the ways of God? People can complain about society and government all they want, but until they align their homes with the Word of God, and unite together in obedience to God in the churches, their words mean nothing.

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