• Greg

Criminal Injustice

I’ll keep saying it: the criminal justice system is destructive. There is no logical reason why people should be locked up for drug use, nor should they be in prison for selling drugs. That does not mean that I support the use of these substances, but incarcerating the people that use them destroys families for reasons that have nothing to do with violence. Some would have them locked up because, they think, that all drug users steal and commit violence to support their drug habits. Does everyone who uses drugs steal from others or commit acts of violence? Of course not. But the “experts” look at the numbers that show a correlation between drug use and real crime, and they think that the drug use itself should be a crime. This is unjust to those who use drugs but harm no one. Drug usage is bad for a person’s health. A person can overdose and die. But should we lock up everybody that does something that is detrimental to his health or could kill him? By that logic we should lock up cigarette smokers. We should lock up people that eat a lot of fried foods. Should we throw people in prison that have attempted to commit suicide? That would be a foolish proposition. So why lock up people that use a substance that is considered dangerous?

It is sad to me to see families ripped apart because of drug convictions. True, the person who runs afoul of the law by using drugs is not making good choices, but that does not mean he or she should be considered a criminal. Though I will not name the persons involved, nor the agencies, nor the location, I have personal knowledge of a situation where a mother of two children, who was incarcerated a few years ago for drugs, is back in custody now for the same reason but has not yet been sentenced. This mother is in a program where she does not have to sit in jail, but she is not free to do as she pleases. In this program she tested positive for a controlled substance and was counseled by a Christian at the facility. The next morning, this mother voluntarily brought a controlled substance (that she obviously was not supposed to have) to a supervisor in the facility, stated where she got it, and said she did not want to use it anymore and her supervising authority was notified. Because of the positive test a couple of days before, the supervising authority took the mother back to the prison facility and requested that law enforcement be notified. The mother was accused of being manipulative by turning over the substance she had in her possession; it was said she was trying to keep from getting into trouble with her supervising authority because of the positive test. One could make a lot of guesses as to why the mother turned the contraband over, but she turned it over! How is the way this was handled beneficial to the mother, her children, or anyone else involved? There are too many State authorities (one is too many) who just follow orders and wreak havoc in communities by just “doing their jobs.”

I get it. I’ve worked in a penal institution and drugs are not something that can be allowed inside the walls, though they get in with regularity and prison staff deal with the many issues it creates. But this mother is not a violent criminal and she turned over the contraband that she had. Those involved of course would have put themselves in jeopardy by not reporting it, for they would’ve been looked at as criminals too if they had been silent and tried to help the mother instead of dropping the hammer. Why will this mother, who took a good faith step (I’m assuming the best, not the worst), be willing to trust anyone again when it comes to giving something up that she is not supposed to have? Why would she think that any officials of any kind have her best interest in mind? I tell you they don’t. They are making their 40 hours, getting their paychecks, and locking up people because it is “policy”, and they will get in trouble if they don’t. Lives are being ruined by State policies. Politicians get away with murder through their interventionist foreign policies, they rob us and call it taxation, they coerce people into getting dangerous substances injected into their bodies, and they get away with it all, yet they want to lock up people and separate families because they used a dangerous substance. Don’t tell me we are safer or more secure because of the State. The American State is a culture of death and destruction through its wars and its criminal injustice system.

We can do better.

The State should be abolished for a free market system of private property, private agencies, and non-aggression (can only use aggression to defend oneself or others) so that society can function in a more efficient, effective, and moral manner through contractual self-regulation.