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Christians And Tyrants

What actions can Christians rightly take against a tyrannical Government? We are living in dangerous times as history is repeating itself. According to independent news sources, billionaire elites and government tyrants are implementing population control measures, purposefully sabotaging the world’s food sources, coercing people into injecting themselves with dangerous substances and turning the populace against those who refuse, and waging endless wars that are destroying millions of lives and draining our resources. Anyone who thinks this is a stretch only needs to look back in history to see example after example of these. Most assuredly, if you trust the Government, you don’t know history.

As Christians, we are not called to violently overthrow the State, but it is also true that we are not expected to be doormats for tyrants and allow them to run roughshod over our families. We serve the Prince of Peace, and as much as it is possible for us, we should strive to live peaceably with all men. But what about when they make this impossible? What about when they seek to harm our loved ones? While some Christians would tell us that we are not to resist evil, others believe these words of the Lord are referring to slights and insults, not threats to our lives. The Bible reveals to us that many believers resisted tyrannical Government officials, and they were commended for it. But again, what actions can Christians today take against a tyrannical Government without behaving in an unrighteous manner?

Following the views of others that have contemplated this (I came across these points that were shared by Douglas Wilson, a man with whom I differ in ways theologically, but with whom I agree on this issue), I agree that our first course of action should be preaching, protesting, and appealing to whatever legal means may be available. Preachers should be leading the charge against the evil kingdoms of men, yet many of them are shills for the State. They support the State’s immoral wars, they encourage people to kill for the State, and they call on people to comply with the State’s wicked mandates because they care more about protecting their 501c3 status than they do protecting souls. Fearless men need to preach against the evil State, rather than licking the State’s boots. Protesting can also be effective. Rulers (and that’s what we have – they enforce their will on the people) pay attention to unrest. A little here or there will not bother them much, but widespread civil disobedience can cause them to lose what they love most – control – so at times they will relent if only to save their own positions and titles. We can also try to influence the rules and regulations of society through appropriate means.

If our efforts of preaching, protesting, and using legal means are fruitless, if it is possible, we can flee from tyranny. If the tyrants are attempting to enforce policies upon us that we cannot abide by, we can go somewhere else. Maybe that means moving to another county or borough, maybe it means relocating to another territory or country. Maybe it will require us to live in a remote area, perhaps forming an independent community that respects the life and property of others. If we can avoid dangerous conflict, we should, for the sake of our families and others.

In the case of extreme danger, I believe we can defend our families. We can refuse to allow tyrants to harm our wives and our children. The State does not own my wife and children and they will not force their immorality upon us. Defending my family, I may perish from this life, but there is something that would be worse than death. It would be allowing filthy tyrants to have their way with my family while I stood by and let it happen without a fight.

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