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Christ is the Lord Of Marriage

“Even though the Constitution doesn’t authorize the federal government to have anything to do with marriage (it is entirely a state matter), in a 62-37 vote, 12 Republicans voted with all Democrats to move forward on a bill to ensure that the federal government recognizes a same-sex marriage if it was valid in the state in which it took place and couple moved to a state that does not recognize it.” (Laurence Vance - source)

The concept of acquiring a marriage license from the State is a modern invention. Preachers err when they say: “By the authority vested in me by the State of Texas, Alaska, Florida, etc., I now pronounce you husband and wife.” The State doesn’t give men this authority, for the State doesn’t have the authority to deem anything a marriage. There is a lot of confusion about marriage because people have moved away from God’s design to man’s inventions. Two men cannot join together in holy matrimony. Two women cannot join together in holy matrimony. Only a man and a woman can join together in holy matrimony. Even with a man and a woman, the mere joining of two bodies is not marriage. A sexual relationship apart from a binding public commitment is not marriage. It joins people into a one-flesh union, but it is fornication, and it must be repented of to be broken. When the Lord Jesus confronted the woman at the well, he said, “you have had five husbands” and who you have now “is not your husband.” She evidently was in a relationship with a man to whom she had not made a public commitment. In every culture, marriage begins with a public covenant or commitment, between a man and a woman, and it is followed by the private joining of two bodies, though it should be said that a man and a woman can become husband and wife even if the private joining of their bodies is not possible.

The information shared by Mr. Vance reveals the wickedness of the politicians in the US, but when did it become the prerogative of the Federal Government (or of the states) to determine what marriage is? And why does this matter at all for churches? For too long in the US, people have allowed politicians to determine what is or what isn’t, and even many professing Christians go along with their edicts. Writing something down on a piece of paper and filing it in a Government building doesn’t make it right, or valid. There is no such thing as “same-sex marriage.” There is holy matrimony between a man and a woman, and then there is fornication. This is just State sanctioned fornication. This federal declaration about “marriage” shouldn’t affect Christians in the least. Ah, but there it is. It does affect many professing Christians because so many of them allow the State to be the cultural driver instead of the Church. If Christians, preachers, and churches were what they should be, this legislation would mean nothing. Sure, some of them will speak out against it, but they fail to see that they reinforce the State’s claim to be able to define these issues by trying to harness the power of the State for themselves! They want to use Government to impact society when they should be using the counter-cultural power of Christianity through the Lord’s churches against the Government! They are trying to use the wrong weapons. They are trying to use carnal weapons instead of the armor and weaponry of God. They must call this what it is - State sanctioned fornication – and march forward in the name of Christ even if it means being fired from a job, getting thrown in jail, or losing their lives.

John the Baptist wasn’t worried about political correctness when he put his finger on Herod’s ungodly relationship and called it sin. It cost him his life, but great is his reward. Pastors and churches must stand on the authority given to them by Christ and refuse to yield any control over to the State and evil politicians. Let them call good evil and evil good – let them be the evil contrast to the goodness of the Lord’s ways.

Christ is the Lord of marriage, not the State. Christians will obey Christ only and will reject the State definition of marriage.

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