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A Reporter Tells The Truth

A Reporter Tells the Truth

In the linked article above, it is pointed out that a reporter for the mainstream media has dared to tell the truth about what is going on between Russia and US controlled Ukraine. While stupid US talking heads speak of supporting Ukraine’s efforts of taking over Crimea, in fact, the people in Crimea see themselves as Russians. The Ukrainian Government has been a corrupt and murderous regime, yet stupid Americans and others will cheer for them while they believe western propaganda. The victims in all of this are the Ukrainian people who are suffering, ultimately because of US imperialism, yet stupid people hypocritically wag their finger at Russia and not the US. According to the figures compiled here, the US Government has killed over 20 million people since World War II. The US Government and it’s hirelings are who the world should be protesting. They are not the only ones, but they should be the primary ones.

My theme word for this post is the word “stupid.” It is a word that describes the majority of people in the world, with many in the US leading the way. Where are the Christian “leaders” speaking out against the warmongering US? A few speak out, but many are evil shills for the State. “Americanism” or “Zionism” is their savior. They don’t know the ways of Christ. They are of the same piece of cloth as Hitler and those who put on a uniform and followed him in the name of “God and country.” The majority of US politicians and military commanders are wicked tyrants and those who obey them are no different. Their answer to everything is to kill, steal, and destroy, for the purpose of maintaining US hegemony. Some of them have the audacity to call themselves Christians. They are nothing of the kind. David Sacks is quoted in the above article as saying: “It’s getting easier to see who are the real fanatics in this war.” That would be the US militarists and their puppet Ukrainian regime.

Wake up people. Turn from your idolatry. Protect your family. Love your neighbor. Pledge your allegiance to no kingdom but Christ's.

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