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A Christian Mother's View on War

I am anti-war.

While there is a term called ‘just war’, the fact is that war is never just because there is always an aggressor.

Defense is just, whether it be self-defense, defense of family, or defense of someone else. We see an example of this in the Bible in Moses defending the Hebrew. Nowhere did God call this murder (Acts 7:25).

Any killing outside of defense is murder regardless of whether or not the person committing the act is wearing a uniform and regardless of whether or not they are just ‘obeying orders’.

War brings destruction. War brings desolation. War is a profit to those ‘in power’ and lives are mere collateral damage. There is no war that will ever bring good.

The only time war was permissible in the Bible is when it was an order coming directly from God. We do not have leaders getting their orders from the Lord God. Their intentions are not to uphold God’s law and to destroy pagan beliefs, their intentions are always selfish.

As a Christian I cannot condone war when it kills and destroys. My allegiance is to Christ and his Kingdom, not to any earthly magistrate. The Lord came so we might have life (and that more abundantly), but it is the thief who came to steal, kill and destroy. All Christians need to remember the words of the Lord and remember his purpose.

I will not condone or participate in any war for any country.

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