• Greg

A Better Day Is Coming

*A letter to a dear friend and sister following a terrible family tragedy.....

I just got your email after we talked to you on the phone. We cannot imagine your grief, and we are grieving with you. You are a dear friend to us and we will be praying for you and your family.

When tragedy occurs we may feel like questioning the Lord, or even like blaming him, but I believe that would be due to a misunderstanding of the Lord and the kind of God he is.

I believe that wickedness stems from Satanic influence and human selfishness. There are also factors at work in this suffering creation that we do not fully understand. But we can understand who God is and what kind of God he is because he has revealed himself to us in his Word.

God created a world in which true love is possible. For true love to be possible, it must be a choice. For love to be a choice, the opposite must be possible too. Choices have consequences. God is not to blame. Life is full of choices and consequences, and many of those consequences are painful. God loves us and he grieves with us when we suffer.

I know you are sad and angry. God has the same emotions when he sees the things that are happening in our world. The Lord mercifully entered our humanity and suffered and died in order to overcome the power of sin, death, and Satan for us. We must avail ourselves of his victory by surrendering our lives to him and walking in obedience to him. He is a good God. This incident was not God's will. Anyone who would say it was God's will does not know the Lord, and they are telling a lie of Satan. In a world where we have freewill, and choices are real, and consequences are real, and cause and effect are real, bad things happen because of human choices. That is why we must seek to change the hearts of individuals with the gospel of Christ.

A better day is coming for all those who follow Christ as Lord. Keep your heart fixed on him and he will help you.