Elizabeth Camden

Until the Dawn

If you have never read a book by Elizabeth Camden you are certainly missing out. One thing I love about her writing is her ability to create the most amazing characters and plot out of some of the most mundane things. Who knew a volunteer for the Weather Bureau would become one of my favorite characters that she has created? She always adds in amazing tidbits from American history that I would likely have not known about otherwise.
In Until the Dawn, we meet the characters of Sophie and Quentin.  Sophie has lived in the same town her whole life.  She loves living there and performing her volunteer work for the Weather Bureau.  

Quentin is an angry atheist who is determined to tear down his family's mansion.  This mansion just happens to be where Sophie has her weather equipment set up.

While this is a historical romance, it is so much more.  A beautiful story of gentleness, meekness, and faith.  A truly touching story of the effect that a Christian can have on someone when they are wholly devoted and unwavering in their faith in God.  Until the Dawn will move you to tears.  A masterpiece beautifully woven together.